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We provide specialized insurance to protect medical practitioners during and after international philanthropic assignments.

A growing number of U.S. domiciled practitioners provide care in foreign environments to support philanthropic efforts, crisis response, and professional development.  But claims resulting from international work are often not adequately covered by their existing professional liability insurance coverage.

MedTravel was specifically designed to protect medical practitioners during and after international assignments, providing international medical liability coverage backed by Lloyd’s of London A+ rated
paper, plus added coverage enhancements specific to foreign environmental risks including leading Crisis Assistance Protection.

MedTravel from MGIS offers a comprehensive coverage solution for incidents occurring within the majority of countries where medical missions occur, subject to US, UK and UN sanctions regulations.
The package provides the essential peace of mind medical practitioners need when embarking on medical missions in unfamiliar jurisdictions. Coverage can be purchased for individual travelers or on a
group basis as a corporate policy with scheduled travelers.


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