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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Our Current Missions Assignment (Expanded)

The missional landscape has changed. The recent global events, the shifting distribution of Christians, and the realities of what God is allowing; are presenting a whole new missional landscape. What then are the new structures, approaches, and strategies that are proving effective for missions in our days? This will be shared with a special emphasis on the emerging role of medical missions and the strategy for partnerships. https://bit.ly/gmhc2022_florencemuindi_ourcurrentmission

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Treating severe pediatric malaria--practical priorities to save lives.

According to the WHO, in the African Region, about 473 000 children die from pneumonia, 300 000 from diarrhea, and a further 443 000 from malaria every year. Mortality in hospitalized cases of severe pediatric malaria is 9%-10%. Many efforts to prevention infection and improve nutrition so as to modulate the impact of infection are in place but when critically ill children present, correctly preparing staff and systems to prioritize effective care can make the difference. This session will discuss why children die from malaria, reading the signs and practical prioritization of care to reduce morbidity and mortality.

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What is My Place in the World of Missions

There is a shift happening in missions, what is God up to and what is my role? https://bit.ly/gmhc2022_charlievittitow_whatismyplace

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Emergency Dental Diagnosis and Management for the Non-Dentist

In both domestic and international situations, dental needs often go unmet (for multiple reasons). Many people in poverty develop a "survivalist" mindset and only seek care when in pain. Untreated dental conditions, if neglected long enough, can turn into dental emergencies. When many patients do finally seek dental care, it is often in an emergency medical setting where dentistry is not usually available. In some parts of the world, dental care may be non-existent altogether. These emergency dental patients are often mis-diagnosed and/or go untreated in a medical setting. This lecture will serve to enlighten/empower non-dentists with some basic diagnostic and treatment skills to better manage dental emergencies in a non-dental setting. https://bit.ly/gmhc2022_jonathanspenn_emergencydentaldiagnosis

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Protect Yourself from Moral Injury!

We will learn how moral injury is inevitable in cross-cultural healthcare, and we will learn how to prevent and manage moral injury through proven, God-honoring methods. Presentation slides: https://bit.ly/gmhc2022_jimritchie_protectyourselffrom

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