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This is a series of sessions from leading experts in healthcare missions.

Equipping Medical Practitioners to Address Sexual and Reproductive Health and Clinical Unmet Needs in Developing Countries

Family physicians, nurses and primary care providers regularly encounter “extracurricular” situations when practicing in developing countries especially in sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and clinical needs, a “golden platter of opportunities” sort-of-speak. New estimates for 2014 show staggering gaps in SRH and basic clinical services fall far short in developing nations with gaps between countries regions. Yet SRH is significantly underrepresented in medical and nursing education, and in continuing medical education (CME) programs in some developed and most developing countries. Grab your gear for this session will describe clinical, cultural, systems and contextual realities of SRH and clinical unmet needs in developing countries, zooming on the Middle East. You will find out that “you can do it” regardless of your clinical background. This session will introduce you to tools to equip yourself culturally, clinically and from a public health perspective. You will present opportunities for short and long term interventions.

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Spiritual Preparation for Missions

We fool ourselves if we think we can enter the Enemy's territory on behalf of God without thorough spiritual preparation. Potential healthcare missionaries must be grounded in robust spiritual habits of seeking and hearing from God.

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Joining Global Movements: AIDS Care in Africa

Objective of the session is to inform other Medical Missionaries, other doctors and other Missionaries about Evangelism through caring for people living with HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe.

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