The Training Years: Wisdom for What’s Now and Pearls for What's Next

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For those in training and recently finished, we will learn how to maximize this season. We’ll spend the first half tackling topics like original motivation, long-haul stamina, pearls and pitfalls of living in community, debt, vision for one’s next step to the nations, and helping the needy now tensioned with investing in education to help others later. We pray this will infuse you with the hope of Christ and give you eyes to see this refining, exciting time as He does. For the second hour, we’ll divide into small discussion groups with those from your same stage of the journey (i.e., recent grads, residents, M1, M2, M3, M4, pre-med, PA, NP, RN, pharmacy, dental, PT/OT/ST, spouses). With facilitators who have gone through it before, we’ll dive into the individualized questions you have and brainstorm how God might sustain you now and lead you in the upcoming season.

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