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Our faith-based community health center is located in Clarkston, GA.  Dubbed the “Ellis Island of the South” and “most diverse square mile in America,” Clarkston has received national attention due to its uniquely high concentration of refugees and immigrants with over 62 languages represented. Additionally, over 35% of the population are African American and native to Georgia. We have been open since October 2018 and have enjoyed being a part of this vibrant community, but with the beauty of Clarkston's diversity comes the realities of vulnerable populations and health care injustice. The majority of our community is low income (over 50%) and without steady, affordable medical care and good insurance coverage. Only about 7.5% of the low income population in our area are able to access healthcare at one of the safety net health centers. Not only that, but there are also great spiritual needs in a community familiar with oppression and stress.  The fields of Clarkston are ready for harvest and there are great opportunities for the gospel to be shared among people with little to no witness. We have named our clinic EthnÄ“ Health, from the Greek word found in Revelation 5:9--meaning people united by kinship, group or nations.  We hope to bridge the medical gaps by delivering comprehensive, high value healthcare through a culturally sensitive, neighbor-centered medical home that advances Jesus’ love and justice. In doing so, we envision a movement of people from every ethnÄ“, healed and compelled by the gospel of Jesus!

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887 N Indian Creek Dr Suite A Clarkston, GA 30021, US


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