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What Is A Missionary?
This history of Christian missions can be traced back to the earliest days of the church. After establishing the gospel in Jerusalem, the first believers took the gospel to nearby regions—like Judea and Samaria—before traveling to the limits of the known world (Acts 1:8). Since those early days, we’ve become pretty familiar as Christians with what missionaries do. But there’s another question we need to consider: What is a missionary?    Admittedly, it’s easy for our minds to blend what a missionary does with what a missionary is. But there’s a lot of value in asking, What is a missionary? That’s because what a missionary does is really just a reflection of who a missionary is.    Understanding the differences among missionaries Before looking at the common qualities required for missionaries, it’s helpful to understand that there’s diversity in this important Christian ministry. In His wisdom, God has wired each of us differently with various gifts and abilities. The church is complex, and we need everyone filling their role—even if those roles are different from our role. But even within a particular role—like being a missionary—God has provided variety. For example, missionaries come in different ages and genders. Young and old, male and female all have a part to play. Likewise, some missionaries serve in short-term contexts, while others make missions a career. Some are called to specialized ministries like medical missions, and some serve in more traditional avenues like preaching and church planting. And, of course, some serve in one part of the world, while their peers might minister on the other side of the planet. So, God doesn’t expect everyone to be the same. That’s important to know. Now that we’ve seen that missions is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, we can do a better job of answering the question, What is a missionary?   So, What Is a Missionary? Differences aside, Scripture makes it clear that the answer to “What is a missionary?” includes several necessary traits. Because of the nature of the position, these qualities transcend all the differences mentioned above: gender, age, specialty, duration, or location.  If you believe God may be moving you toward mission work, either full-time or short-term, this checklist will help you know what a missionary is and where you fit into God’s plan for sharing His message around the world. 1. A missionary has a personal relationship with Jesus. Admittedly, this may seem obvious, but it can’t be ignored. Missionaries are called to be ambassadors for Christ, His representatives sharing His gospel around the world. But you can’t be an ambassador for Jesus without having a personal and vibrant relationship with Him. To be His missionary, you must be one of His followers.   2. A missionary has a calling from God. One important thing that sets missionaries apart from other believers is the unique calling Christ has put on their lives. For example, the apostle Paul, probably the greatest missionary who ever lived, was set apart by God to be His voice to the Gentiles even before coming to Christ (Acts 9:15-16). When the time came for his first missionary journey, the Holy Spirit specifically singled him out with Barnabas for the work (Acts 13:1-3). When you think about the question What is a missionary?, you must consider the calling of God on your life.   3. A missionary has a passion for the lost. Of course, this should be true of every Christ follower. Whether we are called to go overseas or to work in an office building, each believer should have a heart for people who don’t know Jesus. But missionaries are driven by a desire to share Jesus with others. Their passion moves them to leave their comfort zones and set up shop in an unfamiliar and, in some cases, dangerous context. They ache for those who have not embraced Jesus as Savior and will set almost anything aside to make Him known in the world.   4. A missionary has an enduring faith. As noted earlier, missionaries are wired to run into uncomfortable and illogical situations. That’s because they have placed their faith in Christ alone. They count on Him to give them the courage to complete the job He has called them to perform, and they trust Him to supply their needs in His way and in His timing (Philippians 4:19). What’s more, they know that this life is not all there is, so they believe He will carry them through every difficult situation until He eventually brings them home. For missionaries, the “well done” at the end of the road (Matthew 25:23) is worth anything they endure on earth.   5. A missionary has a unique capacity for flexibility. The old joke says that if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes because it will change. In a sense, that’s the same attitude missionaries need to adopt. In a foreign culture, things can change in a heartbeat. As a result, missionaries must be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice. This becomes easier when you remember God is in control, but flexibility is a key life skill when it comes to being a missionary.   Grow Where You’re Planted In some sense, the answer to “What is a missionary?” can be answered by a close look in the mirror. When Jesus gave the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), He was giving it to every believer. We are all called to share the gospel, whether it’s around the world or across the street. That means we have a responsibility to grow where we are planted. As God works in your heart and helps clarify His calling on your life, start right where you are. Look for opportunities to develop the characteristics of a missionary in your own backyard, in your Jerusalem.   After all, sharing Jesus is what missions is all about. It’s what a missionary does, and it’s what a missionary is.
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7 Christian Mission Organizations That Offer Mission Trips
If you believe God has called you to the mission field, your options have never been better. Whether you’re interested in medical missions, church planting, evangelism, disaster relief, marketplace missions, or any other form of fulfilling the Great Commission, the number of Christian mission organizations that can get you on the field has grown exponentially in recent years. You just have to determine which organization works best for you.    7 Christian Missions Organizations to Consider As we noted, you have plenty of options, so practicing due diligence is essential. You’ll need to prayerfully research the possibilities and figure out your best fit. It might seem like a lot of work, but you don’t want to skip this step. It’s vital to understand what various Christian mission organizations have to offer and how that aligns with where you believe God is leading you. As you begin your journey to identify a mission organization that works for you, we’ve provided a list that could be a springboard for your search. The seven Christian mission ministries listed below are reliable and offer various opportunities for missionaries. These can be a great starting place for figuring out God’s plan for your life.   1. Medical Missions Medical Missions hosts the Global Health Missions Conference, which is held every year in Louisville, Kentucky. While not a traditional sending agency, Medical Missions does offer guidance and support for individuals called to the mission field. Through Medical Missions, you can connect and network with Christian mission organizations based on location, specialty, duration, and many other categories. As you might expect, the group’s focus is medical missions; however, many of the agencies associated with Medical Missions include opportunities for non-medical missionaries as well.   2. Send International As the name implies, Send International is a Christian missions organization committed to placing missionaries on the field. Send’s goal is to mobilize Christ missionaries to plant healthy church congregations around the world. This is accomplished by partnering with local churches to identify and commission those who are called. Send International also makes cultural and language training a priority, so servants on the field can live out the gospel in meaningful and relational ways.   3. Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Youth with a Mission is an established, non-denominational Christian missions organization that seeks to glorify God by sharing the gospel at home and across the globe. Since the 1960s, YWAM has sought to empower young leaders to serve Christ on the mission field. Today, in addition to providing domestic and international mission trips, YWAM offers an in-depth, six-month Discipleship Training School that includes classroom training and field experience for college students and young adults. The goal is to train disciples to become the most effective servants of Christ possible.    4. World Venture Since 1943, World Venture has been helping individuals share the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission. With decades of experience and partnerships rooted in the United States and worldwide, World Venture addresses various needs, including church planting and evangelism. The missions organization also shares the love of Jesus through sports ministries, education, and marketplace missions.   5. Team Toward the end of the 19th century, missionary Hudson Taylor issued a call for 1,000 new missionaries to serve in China. Around the same time, other Christian mission organizations were making urgent pleas for Europe and Asia. In response, the mission organization that would become Team was born. Since its inception more than a century ago, the movement has expanded around the world, supporting some 500 missionaries and networking with more than 2,000 churches. In addition, its job board allows users to explore a wide selection of opportunities in both medical and non-medical missions.   6. Pioneers  Pioneers have a passion for planting churches and serving as the hands and feet of Jesus among the world’s least-reached people groups. Founded in 1979, Pioneers currently sponsors more than 2,800 missionaries who serve in a variety of contexts. Pioneers work with missionaries to identify their strengths and passions, then the organization seeks to match those qualities with the best mission opportunities available.   7. Medical Missions Outreach  Using Luke 9:2 as its guiding principle, Medical Missions Outreach combines medical care to serve the physical body and church planting and evangelism to meet the deepest spiritual needs of individuals. Medical Missions Outreach also partners with local congregations. This allows people who accept Christ through medical missions to step directly into a solid discipleship program.    Season with Prayer The most important thing you can do as you research the best Christian mission organizations is to spend time in prayer. God speaks through His Word and through the wisdom of trusted mentors, but the time you spend with Him in prayer is priceless.  Throughout Scripture, prayer is a common thread that runs throughout the early Christians’ missions work. Nothing has changed in the two millennia since the early church was formed and began taking the gospel from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). God still speaks through prayer, and He will still show you the best Christian mission organization for you.
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5 Dental Mission Trip Opportunities
Medical missionaries share a passion for meeting the needs of those who are suffering around the world. But that suffering takes many forms. For some, it could be illness or disease. For others, though, the skills and compassion of a dentist is required. That’s what makes dental mission trips so vital. Dentists and their co-workers carry on ministries that other medical professionals can’t provide. They fill an important niche that can be used as a springboard to share the greatest message of all, the gospel of Jesus Christ.   Mission Trips for Dental Experts If you’re a medical professional in the dental field, be assured that God has a place for you in fulfilling the Great Commission. Dental mission trips are expanding in number and scope. Like their counterparts in general practice and optometry, dental professionals are finding new opportunities to use their gifts and talents for God’s glory. In the list below, we’ve highlighted five sending agencies that provide mission trips for dentists. These organizations have reliable track records of service and are considered partner agencies with the Global Health Missions Conference. If you’re wondering what’s available for you, these groups can be a great starting point for your research.   "Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Matthew 28:16-20   1. Carolina Honduras Health Foundation Based in South Carolina, the Carolina Honduras Health Foundation has been providing short-term dental mission trips for more than a quarter of a century. They strive to bring quality care to the poorest regions of Honduras, working through a local clinic and other sites in the country. In addition to hands-on care, Carolina Honduras also supports education for local dental professionals to improve the quality of care on a larger scale.   2. Christian Medical and Dental Associates Christian Medical and Dental Associates (CMDA) is a respected sending organization that provides opportunities for both short-term and long-term experiences. The group’s commitment is to use the skills of its medical and dental professionals to earn a hearing for the gospel, treating physical needs as a way to address spiritual needs. Some short-term teams provide educational ministry, while others focus on supporting CMDA missionaries in clinics.   3. SmileFaith While many dental mission trips minister outside the borders of the United States, SmileFaith is committed to domestic missions. Founded in Florida, the group is heavily invested in the Appalachian region of eastern Kentucky. Over time, SmileFaith has established clinics throughout that area and provides a rolling “mobile clinic” that serves various communities. SmileFaith’s mission statement includes providing “hope with every smile,” emphasizing the gospel as the greatest need people have.   4. Good Samaritan Medical and Dental Ministries While every mission trip for dental professionals involves “giving back” to some degree, Good Samaritan takes that concept literally. Founded by Vietnamese refugees, this California-based ministry provides basic dental care and oral surgeries in underserved regions of Vietnam. Throughout the year, dental mission trip teams travel into areas where traditional missionaries might not be allowed, as God uses them to make a difference in that nation.   5. Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International The founders of Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International served as missionaries to Honduras. During their time in that country, the physical pain and suffering they encountered convinced them that doctors and dentists could serve the dual purpose of meeting physical needs and spreading the gospel. Since 1974, Baptist Medical and Dental has sponsored dental mission trips to minister to individuals in places like Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Nepal.    Find Your Medical Missions Calling Of course, these five organizations are just the tip of the iceberg. New organizations continue to see the potential of mission trips for dentists and dental professionals. So, if God is calling you to use your skills and gifts for His glory on a dental mission trip, the opportunities are there. With a little research, you can make a short-term or long-term difference on the mission field sooner than you realize. God has given you a heart for healthcare. He’s also given you a heart for missions. Those two passions don’t have to be an “either/or.” They can combine to be a beautiful “both/and” through medical mission trips. Medical Missions serves to connect your professional skills and biblical calling to the largest database of healthcare mission organizations, professionals, and thought leadership. Join us at the Global Missions Health Conference to find your Medical Missions calling. Or, browse our full list of partner organizations to find the right mission for you.
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Some of the Best Countries to do Mission Work
By definition, being a missionary involves going. It might be near or far, but God sends missionaries to the places that fit His plans and purposes. Of course, that raises an important question: How do we identify the best countries to do mission work?  After all, the world is a big place, and the needs are everywhere. So, finding the best countries to do mission work can be a challenge. It’s hard to know where to start.   Starting Your Mission Work His Way Of course, the best place to start is on your knees. Prayer is a non-negotiable part of every aspect of every mission endeavor. And that includes figuring out the best nation for your mission work. Spend time in prayer and enlist a network of trusted friends and family members to pray with you. From there, you can consider a few other things. For example, think about what kind of missions you want to pursue. Medical Missions might be your calling, but you also might be interested in teaching, church planting, or disaster relief. They are all viable options, and they will help you determine your best country for doing mission work. Language is another thing to keep in mind. In some nations, English is a common second language, so little or no extra training would be needed. Others will require you to learn a whole new language before you leave. Again, you need to be careful to discern God’s will and trust Him to give you His directions. Finally, finances are an important matter. If you’re thinking about short-term missions, you need to be sure you can afford the trip. If you’re thinking about long-term or career missions, you have to be able to live on the support you raise. Different locations require different financial investments, and God will certainly provide for your needs. But He also may use finances to guide you as you seek to find your best countries to do mission work.   Choosing Your Best Country to Do Mission Work As mentioned, the needs are great no matter where you might go. So, determining the best nations for mission work provides a ton of possibilities. To help you out, we’ve identified ten nations that could be good fits for your mission work. The list represents a mix of needs, opportunities, locations, and languages.  While you need to follow God’s lead, these ideas might prime the pump and help you discover your best countries for mission work. To learn more about organizations that sponsor mission work in these nations, click the links provided. You can also browse our full list of partner organizations to find the right medical mission for you.   Haiti For centuries, Haiti has been one of the poorest nations on the planet. In addition to the rampant poverty, natural disasters, like hurricanes and earthquakes, have devastated communities. Yet, the people are warm and receptive, which has traditionally made it one of the best countries for doing mission work.   Kenya Kenya represents one of the more advanced nations in eastern Africa, but the people still have many needs. Like Haiti, poverty has a stranglehold on many people’s lives in Kenya, so it’s still a nation in great need of mission work. While Christianity is welcomed, churches are scattered across large areas of the country. Proper medical care and clean water are also primary needs in Kenya.   Tanzania Kenya’s next-door neighbor in East Africa, Tanzania, shares some of its same problems in terms of being a country that needs mission work. While Kenya has some industrial and economic stability, many Tanzanians are dirt farmers struggling to raise enough to sustain their families. That means it doesn’t take much for something like a drought or economic instability to lead to hunger and even starvation. Such issues make Tanzania one of the best countries to do mission work.   Thailand Behind the natural beauty of this Asian gem, human trafficking has become a big business in Thailand. Again, poverty plays a role in this tragedy. While many women are lured into the sex industry with promises of wealth or security, others are sold or traded into it by families trying to survive. Along with our moral imperative as believers to protect the weak, mission work that improves farming and reduces poverty can bring light to this darkness.    The Central African Republic A lack of literacy and a lack of electricity has many residents in the Central African Republic living in almost primitive conditions. This also makes the CAR an underserved medical region, so medical missionaries have a lot to offer in this impoverished nation. It is a needy country physically and spiritually, making it a great option for doing mission work.   India One of the most densely populated nations in the world, India is a stronghold for Hinduism, which makes it a fertile area for evangelism. But, like Thailand, it’s also a hotbed for human trafficking. Because girls are considered much less valuable than boys, even those who aren’t sold into sex slavery could be sent to orphanages by families who don’t want to spend money raising them. In addition, large economic gaps exist between the upper class and the lower classes.   Honduras Located in the middle of the Central American isthmus, Honduras has a large population of professing Christians. However, residents still have great spiritual and physical needs, and it’s considered one of the best countries for doing mission work. In addition to missional work, construction and home building are major needs in the country. Honduras’s northwestern neighbor, Guatemala, is also a popular destination for mission organizations.   The Philippines This collection of more than 7,000 islands in the Far East has a strong Catholic heritage, but the spiritual condition of many today is nominal at best. In fact, more people in the Philippines identify as Muslim (11 percent) than identify as Protestant (8 percent). In addition, many remote regions in the nation have little or no access to quality health care, making medical missions vital.   Australia While Australia might be a bucket list item for many tourists, it’s also a nation in great spiritual need. Only one percent of the population professes to be evangelical. Yet, the government is open to missionary efforts at almost every level of society. In addition, a large segment of Australia’s population is made up of immigrants, providing a melting pot feel to missionary work.   The United States Missionary work is crucial to serving those with medical needs, offering hope to those without food and water, and fulfilling The Great Commission. And the USA is no different. Whether it’s offering medical care to underserved populations, serving in disaster relief, or building homes for those in poverty, the U.S. has plenty of options for mission experiences.   Why Mission Work Matters Again, you need to prayerfully listen to God’s voice as you determine the best country for you to do missional work in. He will lead you in the right direction and help you find the place where your skills and talents best fit the needs of hurting people around the world. Remember,      Learn More About Medical Missions God has given you a heart for healthcare. He’s also given you a heart for missions. Those two passions don’t have to be an “either/or.” They can combine to be a beautiful “both/and” through medical mission trips. Medical Missions serves to connect your professional skills and biblical calling to the largest database of healthcare mission organizations, professionals, and thought leadership. Join us at the Global Missions Health Conference to find your Medical Missions calling. Or, browse our full list of partner organizations to find the right mission for you.
Single Minded Singleness: Handling the Challenges & Rewards of Being Unmarried in Missions
There are a lot of advantages and freedoms for serving alone in ministry, like super-focus on tasks without interruption, managing time schedule and work, budget/finances for money spending, housing/moving for living situations, building friendships/engaging in social activities for enhancing outreach, and traveling/planning/ decision-making. However, there are some challenges for long-term singleness in ministry, whether serving across town or across the border, which can be emotionally unsettling and may create inner dissatisfaction, even frequent frustration. Not knowing how to handle unfulfilled desires, unmet needs, aloneness-loneliness, etc., can rather hinder the sense of contentment and decrease the effectiveness of the personal servant. We all have an innate need to nurture and be nurtured, to care for other as well as to be cared for by others. People with low (or poor) social skills have a tendency to struggle further and alone. In this session we will highlight the joys-rewards and the challenges-struggles of singles on missions. We will define terminologies, correct misconceptions, encourage realistic expectations of self-others-life-God, rediscover a biblical paradigm for contented aloneness/singleness, and present practical suggestions or guidelines for Singles in Ministry: How to build healthy relationships with the opposite gender and how begin looking for partner-companion-mate via courtship. How to translate our frustration(s) into strengths and build a Koinonia around us (communion hub) that is mutually nurturing and empowering. How to cultivate single-mindedness, joy along the journey, and higher aspirations for the Kingdom while Cultivating Eternity in our Hearts, so that we know what God is doing from beginning to end. Finally, the presenter will share from his personal journey of 40 years of cross-cultural service and global ministry, who is still single-never married person. https://bit.ly/gmhc2022_najiabihashem_singlemindedsingleness
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10 Long Term Mission Opportunities
God calls missionaries to fill different roles in different contexts. Some might be called to medical missions, while others share the gospel through church planting or marketplace ministry. There are many roles of a missionary, some might pursue short-term missions with several trips over a lifetime, while others embrace long-term mission opportunities. If you feel like God is moving you toward long-term missions, you’ve got a lot to think about and a lot to plan. Short-term missionaries often have the trips planned out for them and follow the agenda for a given adventure. But long-term mission opportunities mean investing large portions of your life in the nation you choose. You also must consider things like finances and insurance. But the biggest challenge you face is identifying a mission-sending organization that best fits your needs.   Keys to Identifying Sending Agencies Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of sending agencies that provide long-term mission opportunities. And that’s a good thing. God is using many organizations to help individuals realize their calling to missions and to fulfill the Great Commission.    Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit   Matthew 28:19   But the sheer number of agencies does present a challenge as you prayerfully examine your choices. The list of important questions to answer as you look at long-term mission opportunities include things like: • Does the agency align with your theology and philosophy of missions? • What training does the agency offer long-term missionaries? • What role does the agency play in financial support? • What additional support (financial, insurance, mental health, furloughs, and so forth) does the agency provide? • What are the expenses you will need to cover? • What nations does the agency serve? • What kind of reputation does the agency have in the long-term missions community? As you can see, finding your best fit for long-term mission opportunities requires a lot of time and a lot of research. But, through some solid research and a lot of prayer, you can find a long-term mission adventure that will place you in the sweet spot of God’s call on your life.     10 Long-Term Mission Opportunities Available to You   As mentioned, you have a lot of options for long-term missions. To help you get started, we’ve listed 10 agencies that can point you in the right direction. These agencies aren’t the only ones sponsoring long-term missionaries, but they have stood the test of time and are faithfully working to fulfill the Great Commission.    1. CRU. Founded in 1951 as Campus Crusade for Christ, CRU shares the gospel in nearly 200 countries around the world. CRU teams seek to establish common ground with local residents through things like sports, media, humanitarian aid, and more.    2. Adventures in Missions. Missionaries serving in long-term opportunities have the chance to immerse themselves in the culture, which helps them earn a hearing. Adventures in Missions challenges Christ followers to make those necessary connections on the field as marketplace missionaries. Founded in 1989, Adventures in Missions has placed more than 125,000 missionaries in short-term and long-term opportunities over the years.   3. Word of Life. Word of Life has been sending missionaries on long-term mission opportunities around the globe for some eight decades. At present, more than 1,500 Word of Life missionaries serve in 70 different countries. The career opportunities are diverse, including Bible clubs, education, and camps.   4. Team. For more than 130 years, Team has worked to fulfill the Great Commission by offering long-term mission opportunities. Since its inception in 1891, Team has moved from a narrow focus on a couple of areas to an expansion around the world. Today, it’s network includes more than 500 missionaries and some 2,000 churches. Team provides numerous long-term options, including medical and health care missions.   5. Samaritan’s Purse. Through its World Medical Mission teams, Samaritan’s Purse has been supporting the work of overseas hospitals and clinics since 1977. In addition to providing supplies and technical support, World Medical Mission also sends missionaries to serve in medical settings around the world.   6. Operation Mobilization. For more than 50 years, Operation Mobilization (OM) has carried the message of Jesus to men, women, and children across the globe. OM currently sponsors nearly 7,000 individuals in 188 nations. Some serve in remote areas, while others work in large, urban centers. Many even serve on OM ships, stopping at a variety of ports around the world.   7. Pioneers. Pioneers has been pursuing its passion to plant churches among the least-reached people groups in the world since 1979. These days, Pioneers has more than 2,800 missionaries ministering in many different arenas, including community health. The group’s goal is to use an individual’s personal calling and strengths to determine which long-term mission opportunity best fits their situation.   8. Equip International. Founded in 1996, Equip International strives to spread the gospel through community improvement. For example, the organization’s long-term opportunities include medical programs like Community Health Evangelism, Missionary Medicine Intensive, and Missionary Medicine for Physicians. In these settings, a missionary might serve as a medical professional in an underserved area or support a local physician who has limited training and experience. The key is empowering the community, while sharing the gospel and promoting discipleship through everyday interactions.   9. Frontiers. Frontiers began its work in 1982 and focuses its ministry on training and sending field workers to Muslim nations in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. By meeting the physical and medical needs of individuals, long-term missionaries can speak into their spiritual needs. In addition, such medical missionaries have the potential of reaching nations that are closed to more traditional workers.   10. SIM (Sudan Interior Mission) Founded in 1893 as Sudan Interior Mission, SIM provides international missions with an international flavor. The roughly 4,000 missionaries now serving with SIM come from more than 70 different nations. In addition, this diverse group of leaders ministers in a wide variety of missions settings.     Other Mission Options for Long-Term Missionaries If you’re still looking for ways to hear God’s voice regarding long-term mission opportunities, we have two more suggestions. First, check out your denomination’s sending organizations. For example, the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board each serve the Southern Baptist Convention. Your denomination may have similar sending agencies. Also, you can attend mission conferences, such as the Global Health Missions Conference. At these events, you can learn more about what it means to be a missionary, connect with missionary-sending agencies, and network with long-term missionaries already on the field. If God has called you to embrace long-term mission opportunities, He will guide you and equip you. Prayerfully see where He is leading and follow His directions. Your life will never be the same!     Discover Medical Missions. Medical Missions serves to connect your professional skills and biblical calling to the largest database of healthcare mission organizations, professionals, and thought leadership. Join us at the Global Missions Health Conference to find your Medical Missions calling. Or, browse our full list of partner organizations to find the right mission for you.
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Responding to Gods Command and Commission
In this session, It will seek to help guide you on how to respond to God’s Command and Commission, The quest for discovering and following God’s will and purpose for one’s life is often an illusion to many children of the Living God, Many believers resorts to imitating others and or live a hypocritical phantom life as they are tied down to daily engagements and undertakings of everyday life, It is hoped that discovering the reason for living your life with purpose is made easier. You will discover the purpose for which God design you and gain the confidence to fruitfully be where you belong, through the power of the Holy Spirit. You will be guided through a biblical process and principles to seeing exactly God’s intent for your unique being and person, as Gods design, where you will discover that It all began with God before the foundations of the earth. Ever since, before the fall of humanity, God has you in mind, and he designed you for a purpose and through a process, but as a result of the departure of humans from God, through disbelief, you became blind and were kept ignorant of His plans for you. However, you will discover that His Deep love and Great Mercy, God called you to salvation, you became a new creature and adopted as His Child, hence He qualified you, by being a new creature in His image, He desires for you to return and rediscover His plan and purpose for your life As He God Intended. Responding to Gods Command and Commission, is a call to be ready, Dressed for service fully equipped and Lacking in nothing as you Respond through Obedience, based on a biblical Principles, These herculean task by helping you identify your uniqueness within the body of Christ, and to enable you walk confidently and victoriously where you belong in the program of God through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. Finally, through the Scriptures and the Power of the Holy Spirit, You will be exposed and guided to God’s Command and Commission, That you begin to instantly manifest the reality of your purpose for living, Emblemed and empowered with full of Zeal, Passion and Fruitfulness, Genuinely ready for all the good works God has designed you to accomplish – Loving God with all your heart, soul and strength and loving others through your service of obedience to his Commission, Praying, Evangelizing, Discipling, Equipping and living a lasting fruit to the Glory of God. Our focus will be what it does take to be dressed, ready for service from your call to salvation to your call to service, Exploring your Meditational life, Family Life and a life of Obedience to His Command and Commission. AS YOU RESPONDING TO GOD’S COMMAND AND COMMISSION